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***All compensation data collected through July 1, 2019, delivered to customers in Excel format for easy input into your compensation planning database tools.***

Highly precise, comprehensive and up-to-date 2019 survey research on what IT workers in North America are earning in salary, bonuses and skills pay.  Our methodology uniquely standardizes job titles, properly aligns compensation data, and eliminates the dreaded job title/job content mismatch problem.

Select links below for salary and skills pay data collected through July 1, 2019 from 3,351 employers (303,619 IT professionals) in 83 US and Canadian cities.


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(latest data: through 
July 1, 2019)

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(latest data: through 
July 1, 2019)

IT Salary-Only Surveys 

Epic Systems Salary Survey Report   

IT Salary+Skills Pay Survey Reports (US) 

IT Executive Compensation 

IT Salary-Only Surveys (Canada) 

IT Salary+Skills Pay Survey Reports (Canada) 

IT Executive Compensation 


USA Flag wpe29.jpg (1467 bytes) 2019 IT SKILLS/CERTS PREMIUM PAY SURVEYS
                                (latest data: through July 1, 2019)

(latest data: through July
 1, 2019)

IT Skills & Certifications Pay IndexTM (1,057 tech skills and certifications)
IT Salary+Skills Pay Survey Reports (US) 
IT Salary+Skills Pay Survey Reports (Canada) 

Long-form IT Job Descriptions (all jobs) 

(see profiles here - 225 jobs)          (see full JD samples here)


USA Flag   2019 Market Intelligence and Skills Supply/Demand Trends (Quarterly updates - latest through July 1, 2019)


2019 IT Skills Demand and Pay Trends Report    
2019 IT Skills Volatility IndexTM    
2019 IT Skills & Certifications HOT LIST Predictions





When should you use Foote Partners surveys?

--To fill in the gaps in other surveys you purchase. From Foote Partners you can purchase individual job titles, job families, or entire survey reports.  Or cash pay premiums for any of up to 1,057 certified and non-certified tech skills. 

--For mismatches, stale or questionable data from your usual surveys, or when you can't find data for the city needed.

--When you MUST have the most accurate, up-to-date data for your labor markets.

--When job titles don't match actual job responsibilities and you need to use IT skills pay to equalize.

--When custom consulting rates for a specialized data need are out of the question, or will take too long.

--When you need an answer quickly for a meeting tomorrow.



Our Competitive Edge: We're IT 'insiders' specializing in tech labor benchmarking and analysis


Hundreds of HR departments and thousands of IT and business line senior executives and managers at 3,351 employers share IT compensation and workforce data with us directly, which we corroborate and carefully validate via interviews to carefully match job titles to actual job responsibilities.  303,619 from both private and public sector employers are monitored continuously...no aggregated data sources or compilation of others' salary surveys.  Innovative techniques and our experience as IT experts corrects for job title mismatches, allows better data screening and cleaning, and produces superior statistical reliability and validity.  We update and publish pay data for each IT position and technical skill every three months.  
























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