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FOOTE IT NEWS ANALYSIS – Technology employment trends in the February 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics – U.S. Employment Report

Tech jobs in February: 13,000 added to U.S. payrolls according to Department of Labor.  That’s 2,500 more than the monthly average for all of 2016 and nearly 5,500 higher than the average for last three months of last year. New trend or just a blip?

Vero Beach, FL – March 13, 2017. An analysis of Friday’s release of U.S. employment numbers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals a net increase of 13,000 information technology jobs in February 2017 across four industry job segments commonly associated with technology professionals. 

The largest gains were recorded in job categories commonly associated with the IT services industries, expanding by 11,800 jobs. The Management and Technical Consulting Services segment added 6,300 new jobs to lead all tech job categories in February. The Computer Systems Design/Related Services segment grew by 5,500 net jobs. While these numbers appear strong it should be noted that the latter segment record a gain of 12,500 jobs in January while the former lost 200 jobs for a total January gain of 12,300 compared to February’s 11,800 rise. Moreover, the Management and Technical Consulting Services segment averaged nearly 7,400 monthly job growth in 2016, or 1,100 more than last month; monthly growth last year for Computer Systems Design/Related Services jobs was nearly identical to last month’s results.

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