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Foote Partners, LLC is an IT analyst firm and independent benchmark research organization focusing on the user (versus vendor) side of managing the technology labor force. A thought leader and trusted advisor to more than 5,000 employers on five continents who purchase our products and services, we provide benchmark data and pragmatic forward-thinking advice and market intelligence targeting the tech workforce in the modern highly integrated business/IT hybrid environment in which all private and public organizations operate their businesses.

Founded in 1997 and comprised of former Gartner industry analysts, McKinsey & Company, WillisTowersWatson and Mercer senior consultants, and former corporate HR, IT, and business executives, the firm’s research division publishes 50+ quarterly-updated benchmarking, analytical research and forecasting products that help employers benchmark their IT compensation, solve difficult information technology management and workforce problems, and strengthen their ability to execute complex business solutions.

The firm's IT Insider research series features the industry's most up-to-date and versatile tech salary/bonus and skills premium pay surveys and in depth IT organization and workforce trends research. A pioneer in defining and benchmarking pay for new breed roles and jobs in the modern tech workforce, the firm’s IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index of pay for 1,110 skills and certifications is the industry's most comprehensive and oldest (2000) survey of cash market values and demand forecasting for individual certified and non-certified IT information technology skills. Our IT Professional Salary Survey has, since 1995, been renowned for its currency and accuracy, and for its relevancy in filling in gaps in other surveys in defining and pricing the evolving tech workforce.

The foundation of the firm’s research is the continuous monitoring of compensation, attitudes, and workplace experiences of 330,330 tech workers in 3,640 North American employers and 189,775 tech workers in 2,065 European employers. Foote Partners distinction in the marketplace is an innovative compensation data collection and validation methodology designed specifically to alleviate the widespread problem of lack of standardization in IT job titles that plagues most major IT salary surveys still using low-cost passive data collection methods. All surveys and trend reports are updated and published every 90 days.

Foote Partners' tech compensation survey findings and IT labor market trend analyses are featured regularly in countless HR, IT and business periodicals and media sources around the globe, including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CIO Magazine, ComputerWorld, Network World, WorldatWork’s Journal and Workspan Magazine; and in appearances on network and cable television, National Public Radio, and countless podcasts and webcasts.