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News Release: Q4 2023 IT Skills and Certifications Pay Premiums

In the news release at this link is a summary of the 1Q 2024 quarterly edition of Foote Partners’ IT Skills Demand and Pay Trends Report (ITSDPT) and IT Skills and Certifications Pay Volatility Index featuring analysis of cash pay premiums trend data for 1,333 certified and noncertified IT skills shared by 4,314 employers between October 1, 2023 and January 1, 2024 about their 422,770 tech professionals.

Volatility in cash pay premiums spiked upwards again from October to December, similar to 2nd quarter 2023 which reached a 3-year volatility high. Highest volatility was recorded in skills and certifications related to Data/Database; Architecture/Project Management/Methodology/Process; Networking; Systems; Applications Development; and Info/Cybersecurity.

Average cash market value for 704 non-certified IT skills increased slightly in 4Q 2023, with 211 skills changing in value compared to 183 in the prior quarter. For 629 IT certifications, average market value recorded a larger increase, up 0.7 percent, led by gains in Applications Development & Programming Languages, Data/Database, Systems Administration/Engineering, and Networking & Communications certification categories.