All 2021 compensation surveys updated on JANUARY 1, APRIL 1, JULY 1, AND OCTOBER 1

2021 Long-Form Job Descriptions

All IT job descriptions are not the same. That's quite a claim---after all, there are so many JD sources out there. What makes ours better than others?

To begin with, Foote Partners has a long history of being first-to-market with 'new breed' tech pay surveys. Our senior research team pioneered in the early '90s the first detailed national compensation surveys and job definitions for Web, Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence, E-commerce, Business Technology, SAP, Enterprise Infrastructure, and Infosecurity(1994 to 1998). We've continually added the most current jobs since then,  updated every 90 days, including the Digital Development, AI/ML, Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and many others. 

We're currently benchmarking pay and creating national job descriptions for all the disruptive technologies jobs. See our current job titles here.

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