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Foote Partners 2024 Tech Compensation Survey Reports(Quarterly updated)

Highly precise, comprehensive and up-to-date survey research on what tech workers in North America are earning in salary, bonuses and cash for tech skills and certifications they possess. Our proprietary methodology uniquely standardizes job titles and properly aligns compensation to them, eliminating the dreaded job title/job content mismatch problems that plague virtually all employers today.

Select from compensation product families below for salary or tech skills pay data collected through April 1, 2024 from 4,391 employers (430,338 IT professionals) in 87 US and Canadian cities. Next update: July 1st.


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Foote Partners tracks and reports up-to-date base salaries in 87 North America cities and metro areas for more than 265 tech jobs and cash pay premiums for 1,340 certified and non-certified technology skills. Our most current 2024 compensation data sets have been compiled from confidential information about 430,338 IT professionals shared directly with Foote Partners by HR departments at 4,391 employers through April 1, 2024. There is no self-reporting, no aggregated data sources or compilation of others' surveys.

Our "IT insider" methodology corrects for the common problem of IT job titles that don't match what workers actually do on-the-job. We accurately reclassify compensation data to produce correct matches between job title and actual duties and responsibilities. To do this, multiple validation techniques are painstakingly applied using primarily direct interviewing. For example, a Data Warehouse Architect whose job title is "IT Architect", or a Java Developer whose job title is simply "Programmer II" are classified appropriately to "Data Warehouse Architect" and "Java Developer" in our survey. The differences in pay can be significant.

We do global data updates of all compensation benchmarks every 3 months, and do so job-by-job, city-by-city (we don't use geographic multipliers). Overall, this uniquely effective IT insider methodology produces the freshest and most accurate refreshed real world tech salary and skills pay data in the industry. For a more complete description see Methodology.