All 2024 compensation surveys updated on JANUARY 1, APRIL 1, JULY 1, AND OCTOBER 1


In addition to offering Tech Compensation Surveys and project-based consulting services, Foote Partners works with clients in a number of unique ways to provide customized information and analysis to meet specific needs.

Our analysts and consultants work individually and as a team to provide our customers with:

Quick Consults

  • 1–2 hours of consulting with an expert, billed at an hourly rate


Consulting and Retainers

  • Critique and make recommendations on a wide variety of tech/business executive, management, organization and technology workforce matters
  • Provide tactical advice on business plans, technology, and staffing matters
  • Expert testimony
  • Introduce clients to potential industry partners, customers, and suppliers
  • Offer assessments, opinions, and advice on IT management subjects
  • Provide analyst opinions for news releases, products, services
  • Speak with trade press, business press, and investment analysts
  • Conduct due diligence for investors


Management and Technology White Papers

  • Write objective trend briefs, case studies, and comparative assessments
  • Educate users, vendors, resellers, the press, IT professionals, corporate management, and the financial community
  • Identify market needs for products and services


Executive Compensation

  • Determine market benchmarks for IT executives  
  • Specialization in 'hybrid' executives blending operations, administration and information technology responsibilities
  • Base pay, long term incentive plans, stock options, deferred compensation


Conference, Seminar/Briefing, and Event Speaking

  • Proprietary FP research, objective data and analysis presented at conferences, briefings and seminars
  • Draw audiences to events with data from recently published research
  • Provide experienced keynote speakers, session speakers, panel moderators, and panel members to educate audiences and lead debates on a variety of IT management topics