All 2024 compensation surveys updated on JANUARY 1, APRIL 1, JULY 1, AND OCTOBER 1


Up-to-date salaries and detailed job descriptions for:

Job Titles

Systems/Network Operations

Systems Operations
Vice President--Systems and Networks
Director--Systems and Networks
Manager--Operation Services
Sr. Systems Administrator
Systems Administrator
PC Desktop Technician
Network Operations

Director, Network Operations
Manager, Network Operations
Sr. Network Technician, NetOps
Network Technician, NetOps
Sr. Network Administrator  
Network Administratorr  

Systems/Network Engineering

Network Engineering

Director, Network Engineering
Manager, Network Engineering
Sr. Network Architect
Network Architect
Sr. Network Engineer
Network Engineer

Systems Engineering

Director, Systems Engineering  
Manager, Systems Engineering
Sr. Systems Engineer
Systems Engineer



Job Titles

Database/Data Administration

Director, MDM and MDG
Manager, MDM and MDG
Manager, Database Administration
Sr. Database Administrator
Database Administrator
Sr. Systems Programmer - DBMS

Information Security

VP, Information Security
Director, Information Security
Manager, Information Security
Security Architect
Threat Intelligence Analyst
Lead Information Security Analyst
Sr. Information Security Analyst
Information Security Analyst  
Sr. Security Administrator
Security Administrator
Lead Cyber Security Specialist
Sr. Cyber Security Specialist
Cyber Security Specialist
Lead Cyber Security Analyst
Sr. Cyber Security Analyst
Cyber Security Analyst

Storage/SAN Administration

Sr. Storage/SAN Administrator
Storage/SAN Administrator





job titles

Enterprise Infrastructure Management

Director - Enterprise Infrastructure
Manager - Enterprise Infrastructure
Sr. Infrastructure Integrator/Engineer
Infrastructure Integrator/Engineer

Enterprise Messaging

Director - Enterprise Messaging Systems
Sr. Enterprise Messaging Engineer
Enterprise Messaging Engineer

Voice Engineering

Manager, Voice Engineering
Sr. Voice Engineer
Voice Engineer
Associate Voice Engineer