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Foote Partners tracks up-to-date base salaries in 87 U.S. and Canadian cities and metro areas for more than 270 of the most critical IT and tech jobs, plus premium pay for 1,340 certified and non-certified technical skills. Our 2024 research has been compiled from confidential information about 430,338 IT professionals shared directly with Foote Partners through April 1, 2024 by HR departments at 4,391 employers and continuously updated. There are no aggregated data sources or compilation of other third party surveys.

Our "IT insider" methodology corrects for IT and tech job titles that don't match what workers actually do on-the-job. We accurately reclassify compensation data to produce correct matches between job title and actual duties and responsibilities. To do this, multiple validation techniques are painstakingly applied using primarily direct interviewing. For example, a Data Warehouse Architect whose job title is "IT Engineer", or a Java Developer whose job title is "Programmer II" are classified appropriately to "Data Warehouse Architect" and "Java Developer" in our survey. The differences in pay can be significant.

We survey and report compensation every 3 months, and do so job-by-job, city-by-city (we don't use geographic multipliers). Overall, this uniquely effective IT insider methodology produces the freshest and most accurate refreshed real world IT salary and skills pay data in the industry. For a more complete description go to Methodology.  

Beware the job title trap!

Job titles above may not match those in your company, but responsibilities, roles, experience, skills, may match. If you provide us with your job descriptions, we will do the matches to our surveyed jobs at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Alternatively, you may download our short-from IT profiles if you prefer to do the matching yourself, or purchase our famous detailed long-form job descriptions. To see sample Foote Partners job descriptions click here.



Systems Operations

Vice President, Systems and Networks
Director, Systems and Networks
Manager, Operation Services  
Sr. Systems Administrator, Transaction Monitors
Systems Administrator, Transaction     Monitors
Sr. PC Desktop Technician
PC Desktop Technician

Network Operations

Director, Network Operations
Manager, Network Operations
Sr. Network Technician, NetOps
Network Technician, NetOps
Sr. Network Administrator  
Network Administrator  

Systems Engineering

Director, Systems Engineering
Manager, ystems Engineering
Sr. Systems Engineer
Systems Engineer

Network Engineering

Director, Network Engineering
Manager, Network Engineering
Sr. Network Architect
Network Architect
Sr. Network Engineer
Network Engineer

Voice Engineering

Manager, Voice Engineering
Sr. Voice Engineer
Voice Engineer
Associate Voice Engineer

IT Security

VP, Information Security
Director, Information Security
Manager, Information Security
Security Architect
Threat Intelligence Analyst
Lead Information Security Analyst
Sr. Information Security Analyst
Information Security Analyst  
Sr. Security Administrator
Security Administrator
Lead Cyber Security Specialist
Sr. Cyber Security Specialist
Cyber Security Specialist
Lead Cyber Security Analyst
Sr. Cyber Security Analyst
Cyber Security Analyst


Sr. Storage/SAN Administrator
Storage/SAN Administrator

Database Mgt/Data Administration

Director, MDM and MDG
Manager, MDM and MDG
Manager, Database Administration
Sr. Database Administrator
Database Administrator
Sr. Systems Programmer - DBMS

Database Development

Sr. Database Developer
Database Developer
Associate Database Developer

Enterprise Infrastructure Management

Director - Enterprise Infrastructure
Manager - Enterprise Infrastructure
Sr. Infrastructure Integrator/Engineer
Infrastructure Integrator/Engineer

Enterprise Messaging

Director, Enterprise Messaging Systems
Sr. Enterprise Messaging Engineer
Enterprise Messaging Engineer

IT Auditing

Manager, IT Audit
Senior IT Auditor
IT Auditor



Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence

Vice President/Director, Data Warehousing/BI
Data Warehouse/BI Project Manager, Processing
Data Warehouse/BI Project Manager, Decision Support Services
Data Warehouse/BI Information Security Manager
Data Warehouse/BI Architect
Sr. Data Warehouse/BI Engineer
Data Warehouse/BI Engineer
Sr. Data Warehouse/BI Developer
Data Warehouse/BI Developer
Data Warehouse/BI Auditor
Sr. Decision Support System(DSS) Analyst
Decision Support System(DSS) Analyst
Sr. BI Analyst
Sr. DSS/BI Engineer
Data Warehouse/BI Administrator
Data Warehouse/BI Management Specialist


IBM Notes/Domino Delivery
Director-Notes/Domino Group
Notes/Domino Project Manager-Server/Network
Notes/Domino Project Manager-Client/Customer Support
Notes/Domino Architect
Sr. Notes/Domino Engineer-Server/Network
Sr. Notes/Domino Engineer-Client/Customer Support
Notes/Domino Quality Assurance Auditor
Notes/Domino Information Security Manager
Sr. Notes/Domino Analyst
Notes/Domino Administrator
Notes/Domino Developer/Programmer



Business Application Development

VP/Director, Corporate Applications
VP/Director, Business Unit Applications
Director, Business Applications Development
Manager, Business Applications Development
Senior Business Applications Developer
Business Applications Developer

Java Developers

Lead Java Developer
Sr. Java Developer
Java Developer
Associate Java Developer

.NET Developer

Manager, .NET Development
Sr. .NET Developer
.NET Developer
Associate .NET Developer

DevOps Engineers

Principal DevOps Engineer
Lead DevOps Engineer
Sr. DevOps Engineer
DevOps Engineer

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Engineers

Director, SQA Engineering
Manager, SQA Engineering
Lead SQA Engineer
Sr. SQA Engineer
SQA Engineer


VP/Director, SAP Program Management
SAP Project Manager
SAP Master Data Manager
Sr. SAP Business Analyst
SAP Business Analyst
SAP Design Architect
SAP Functional Analyst (SME)
Sr. SAP Configuration Analyst (Lead)
SAP Configuration Analyst
Sr. SAP Security Administrator
Sr. BASIS Administrator
BASIS Administrator
Associate BASIS Administrator
Sr. ABAP Developer
ABAP Developer
Associate ABAP Developer


Manager, Help Desk
Sr. Help Desk Supervisor
Help Desk Supervisor
Sr. Help Desk Specialist
Help Desk Specialist
Associate Help Desk Specialist


IT Architecture

VP, IT Architecture
Director, IT Architecture
Director, Applications Systems Architecture
Manager, Applications Systems Architecture
Sr. Applications Systems Architect
Applications Systems Architect
Information Architect
Sr. Data Architect
Data Architect
Sr. Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architect

Business Technology

Vice President, Business Technology  
Director, Business Technology  
Manager, Business Technology
Sr. Business Technology Consultant
Business Technology Consultant
(Note: Business Technologist positions go by several different titles depending on corporate culture)

Business Systems Analysts

Manager, Business Systems Analysis
Lead Business Systems Analyst
Sr. Business Systems Analyst
Business Systems Analyst
Associate Business Systems Analyst


Vice President, E-Commerce
Diector, E-Commerce
E-Commerce Project Manager  
Sr. E-Commerce Programmer/Analyst
E-Commerce Programmer/Analyst

Six Sigma

Master Black Belt
Black Belt


Web Systems

VP/Director, Web Systems
Manager, Web Systems
Web Project Manager
Manager, Web Analytics
Sr. Web Analyst
Web Security Manager
Web Architect
Sr. Web Designer/Site Builder
Web Designer/Site Builder
Webmaster, Technical
Sr. Web Engineer
Web Engineer
Sr. Web Developer
Web Developer
Web Site Administrator
Web Customer Support Specialists

computing platform JOB FAMILIES

Artificial Intelligence(A.I.)

Lead A.I Engineer
Principal A.I. Engineer
Senior A.I. Engineer
A.I. Engineer
Lead A.I. Data Analyst
Senior A.I. Data Analyst
A.I. Data Analyst
A.I. Product Manager
Prompt Engineer
Human A.I. Collaboration Manager

Cloud Computing

Sr. Cloud Architect
Cloud Architect
Sr. Cloud Developer
Cloud Developer  
Lead Cloud Engineer
Sr. Cloud Engineer
Cloud Engineer  

Mobile Computing

Manager, Mobile Applications
Lead Applications Developer
Sr. Mobile Applications Developer
Mobile Applications Developer
Sr. Mobility Architect
Mobility Architect

Big Data

Lead Data Scientist
Sr. Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Sr. Data Analyst
Data Analyst
Sr. Data Modeler
Data Modeler
Sr. Data Engineer
Data Engineer
Big Data Engineer

Digital Product Development

Director, Digital Strategy/Content
Digital Marketing & Strategy Specialist
Manager, Digital Analytics
Sr. Digital Product Analyst
Digital Product Analyst
Digital Product Manager
Lead Digital Product Designer
Sr. Digital Product Designer
Digital Product Designer
Sr. Principal, UX/UI Design
Principal, UX/UI Design
Manager, UX/UI Design
Lead UX/UI Designer
Sr. UX/UI Designer
UX/UI Designer
Lead UX Architect
Sr. UX Architect
UX Architect
Lead UX/UI Developer
Sr. UX/UI Developer
UX/UI Developer
Sr. Scrum Master
Scrum Master


(The following job titles are not included in the IT Professional Salary Survey but can be purchased here.)

Epic Project Director  
Sr. Project Manager  
Epic Project Manager
Epic Cache DBA
Epic Security Analyst
Sr. Epic Clinical Systems Analyst
Epic Clinical Systems Analyst
Sr. Epic Ambulatory Analyst  
Epic Ambulatory Analyst
Epic Ambulatory Applications Builder
Sr. Epic Beaker Applications Analyst  
Epic Beaker Applications Analyst
Sr. Epic Bridges Interface Analyst
Epic Bridges Interface Analyst
Sr. Epic Clarity Report Writer  
Epic Clarity Report Writer  
Sr. Epic Cadence Applications Analyst  
Epic Cadence Applications Analyst
Sr. Epic Optime Applications Analyst
Epic Optime Applications Analyst  
Sr. Epic Resolute Billing Analyst
Epic Resolute Billing Analyst
Sr. Epic Willow Analyst
Sr. Epic Willow Analyst/Pharmacist
Epic Willow Analyst
Epic Willow Analyst/Pharmacist
Epic Training Manager  
Epic Principal Trainer
Epic Trainer