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2024 Epic Systems Salary Survey Report

2024 Epic Systems Salary Survey Report

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The 2024 Epic Systems Salary Survey is the only comprehensive independent national salary survey of Epic Systems professionals in the United States. Includes are Excel format data tables and 100+ pages of detailed long-form job descriptions reporting pay for 27,450 full time Epic Systems professionals in 55 cities and 348 organizations that have chosen Epic Systems as their EMR vendor. The number of employees assigned full-time to Epic installations range from 32 to 498 total professionals in these surveyed hospitals and health care systems (including both exempt and non-exempt Epic workers).

There is no self-reporting: Foote Partners' highly specialized proprietary compensation methodology has since 1997 set the highest bar in the industry for accuracy and statistical validation and has been used to collect data directly from employers for this salary survey.  

  • Report includes 29 Epic Systems job titles in 55 U.S. cities
  • 10/25/50/Average/75/90 percentiles; Cash Bonus; Total Cash Compensation 
  • Excel file format
  • Detailed long-form job descriptions, continuously updated
  • ALL DATA REPORTS IN EXCEL FORMAT  |  Data collected/compiled through January 1, 2024, April 1, 2024, July 1, 2024 or October 1, 2024. 

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