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2024 IT Professional Salary Survey - United States

2024 IT Professional Salary Survey - United States

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The 2024 IT Professional Salary Survey is our complete collection of all tech jobs in 40 industries we currently benchmark and update every 3 months. It is designed for customers who wish to invest in the broadest terms in Foote Partners unique salary and bonus pay for the most essential traditional and new breed tech positions in the tech workforce. This report contains 37 tech jobs families and 267 job titles and includes detailed long-form job descriptions (in MSWord format) and compensation data (in Excel files) for each title in up to 65 U.S. cities. Includes 10th/25th/50th/Mean/75th/90th percentile salaries plus cash bonus and total direct cash. Each report includes National Averages for all job titles. 

This is a comprehensive, high-validation and unusually precise and up-to-date 2024 survey research(data re-surveyed and all survey reports updated every 90 days) reporting what tech workers are earning at 4,391 employers in in 65 U.S. cities. Our methodology uniquely standardizes job titles, properly aligning compensation data and eliminating the dreaded job title/job content mismatch problem. ALL ORDERS INCLUDE 950 PAGES OF DETAILED LONG-FORM JOB DESCRIPTIONS in unprotected MSWord format for use in developing your own JDs.

ALL DATA REPORTS IN EXCEL FORMAT  |  Data collected/compiled through January 1, 2024, April 1, 2024, July 1, 2024 or October 1, 2024.  

Select either Tier 1 or Tier 2 U.S. cities (or both, for all U.S. cities) when ordering.

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