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2024 IT Skills and Certification Pay Index™

2024 IT Skills and Certification Pay Index™

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The 2024 IT Skills and Certifications Pay IndexTM (ITSCPI™ ) reports market values and pay adjustments for 1,340 individual tech and related business skills and certifications earned by 97,733 U.S. and Canadian tech workers. Data updated and published every three months since 1999 and can be purchased in clusters of up to 100 skills/certs or all 1,340.

Use the ITSCPI™ when salary alone does not offer the agility necessary to differentiate workers who share the same job title but have distinctly different on-the-job content that affects their market value. Or to justify additional cash compensation for people you're trying to hire or retain. You can also use this data to set competitive rates for your consultants based on demand for their skills. If you're using the services of consulting firms, keep them honest and don't overpay for consultant talent by knowing what tech skills are worth in the marketplace and how those values have changed over the past 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. 

All purchasers of the ITSCPI™ will receive our award winning IT Skills Demand and Pay Trends Report and IT Skills and Certifications Pay Volatility Index at no extra charge every three months for one year. Find out how the most in-demand certified and non-certified skills have changed in market value the last 3, 6, and 12 months; which are the highest (and lowest) paying; track market volatility of IT skills; us our pay and demand forecasts to gauge which skills will cost you more in the near future; and use our rolling historical data analyses of the past two years of ITSCPI™ to make adjustments to skills pay premiums currently in effect.

ALL DATA REPORTS IN EXCEL FORMAT  |  Data collected/compiled through January 1, 2024, April 1, 2024, July 1, 2024 or October 1, 2024.

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