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2020 IT Skills Demand and Pay Trends Report (free to active customer accounts only)

2020 IT Skills Demand and Pay Trends Report (free to active customer accounts only)

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These quarterly-updated reports--distributed free to all Foote Partners active customers--track in-depth quantitative supply/demand and pay trends in the current tech labor for 1,100 technology and related business certified and non-certified skills and also accurately forecasts future demand against supply. All skills premium pay data and market trend vectors come from Foote Partners' benchmark research group that closely monitors and collects data from 3,578 public and private sector organizations representing more than 40 private sector industries and government and educational institutions.

IT Skills Demand and Pay Trends Report™. Two of Foote Partners most popular benchmark surveys serve as its foundation: IT Skills & Certifications Pay Index™ and IT Skills Volatility Index™.  66 pages of data tables, analytical graphs and charts, and market insights on hot/cold skills and jobs from the most recent quarterly data collection. Focused analysis of topics such as Blockchain, next-gen Internet of Things, AI/Machine Language, Big Data, Robotics, Automation, Cybersecurity, Healthcare tech, and Digital Product Development skills and jobs gaining value in 2019. 

IT Skills & Certifications HOT LIST Forecast. Synthesizes data from all Foote Partners benchmark pay survey research, comprehensive tech spending surveys, and in-depth field interviews with more than 500 tech executives and decision makers. The output: 

  • Ranked lists of what skills and certification are most in-demand right now
  • Our forecast for which certified and non-certified skills will be most in-demand (and will therefore cost more) over the next 6 months.

With these valuable reports you'll find out what's hot (and cold) in the tech labor market and what's driving the decisions of employers in matching skills requirements to business requirements. 

  • DECISIONS: If I delay the acquisition of specific skills and people currently budgeted for the several months, will it end up costing me more, less, or the same down the road?
  • HIGHEST PAYING, HARDEST TO FIND: What are the highest paying tech skills and certifications? Will they get harder to find and more expensive to acquire in the next several months?
  • RETENTION WOES: For which jobs and skills am I most at risk for recruiters poaching my people?
  • PAY PERFORMANCE: For more than 1,000 of the most popular tech skills and certifications, which ones gained or lost value, and by precisely how much, in the past 3, 6, 12, and 24 months?
  • VOLATILITY: How have economic conditions refocused workforce and staffing strategies and tactics, resulting in the highest volatility in skills pay and demand since 2001?
  • HIGH PAY, HIGH GROWTH SKILLS: Which skills and certifications are so hot that they are earning a high pay premium and are still gaining market value between now and the end of 2020?

Included in all analyses are:

  • 585 Non-certified IT and business skills (see list)
  • 505 IT Certifications (see list)