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2024 IT Salary+Skills Pay Survey Report: IT Architecture

2024 IT Salary+Skills Pay Survey Report: IT Architecture

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A complete, up-to-the-minute view of what IT Architecture professionals in 18 Canadian or 65 U.S. cities are earning in base salary, cash bonus, and relevant skills and certifications pay. Includes detailed long-form job descriptions for all jobs in MSWord format.

These reports are provided in Excel format. Included in each report:  

  • Base salary and cash bonus (choose 20 Tier 1 or 45 Tier 2 U.S. cities or Canadian tier cities): 
  • 10/25/50/Average/75/90 percentiles; Cash Bonus; Total Direct Cash Compensation 
  • Current cash pay premiums for related skills and certifications
  • Detailed long-form job descriptions, continuously updated

IT Salary+Skills Pay Survey reports are the most economical way to purchase Foote Partners' popular job title/job content-corrected base salary and related IT skills pay for a wide range of job categories.

ALL DATA REPORTS IN EXCEL FORMAT  | Data collected/compiled through January 1, 2024, April 1, 2024, July 1, 2024 or October 1, 2024.

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