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2024 Long-form Tech Job Descriptions

2024 Long-form Tech Job Descriptions

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As a compensation survey provider Foote Partners has a long history of being 'first to market' with the latest tech job titles. But most importantly, we work closely with 4,391 employers and their 430,338 tech professionals to constantly update every JD to keep pace with how fast tech jobs are changing. Our 1000+ pages of job descriptions are regarded as the industry standard for national job definitions and we provide them with all salary survey order for you to use. You'll never need to write another IT description from scratch.  

  • Specific technical, business-specific, and customer-related hard and 'soft' skill requirements.
  • Comprehensive lists of duties/responsibilities and skills and knowledge required.
  • IT certifications most common for each job title
  • Intelligence on the internal and external working relationships necessary to be successful in the job.

These are not generic descriptions copied from other salary surveys, but primary-sourced, detailed and carefully constructed JDs with a premium on accuracy, currency, and completeness.

Bonus for purchasers of the IT Insider 2024 Job Descriptions Pack: you will receive at no extra charge all JDs for new jobs we will introduce for the following 12 months.

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